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Lake Point, JLT

Our client bought a 1 bedroom apartment which was in need of a full upgrade, as it was very dated. They asked for a full renovation, including a new kitchen, bathrooms as well as new fixtures, such as flooring, plastering & painting, door & window frames. They needed to transform this property in its entirety.

Our solution: we worked with the client to design an open plan space, allowing more natural light into the property. We knocked through the kitchen wall and built a breakfast bar/dining area, utilizing space & creating a contemporary feel. We put in SPC flooring throughout, which is not only affordable but has a beautiful finish. We also utilized our wrapping team for the internal doors and window frames, transforming these from a dull brown to a sophisticated off-white colour, instantly creating a brighter finish.

Our furnishing team added the finishing touches for the client as she wished to list the property on the short-let market, keeping the warm & contemporary style throughout.

Size: 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms

Services: Renovation, Flooring,Wrapping, Furnishing

Time: 6 weeks

Budget: AED100,000

Client testimonial:

“I have been so impressed with the professionalism of the team and the high standard of craftmanship. They made me totally at ease with the suggested works and I love the final product – it’s beautiful. Not only that, the turnaround time was faster than I expected and my budget was considered every step of the way. Thank you Leanne & team – you truly surpassed my expectations.”

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