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Burj Royale, Downtown Dubai

Our client was putting their property on the short-let market and wanted to ensure they had a standout listing, ensuring the highest possible occupancy levels and financial returns. They needed to update the look & feel of the apartment to make it more inviting for guests. They sought warm, neutral tones, for that home-away-from-home feel.

Our solution: we worked to our client’s brief, bringing in textures such as linen and warm wood, as well as beige tones, to create a calming, welcoming space. We added panelling to the master bedroom adding a layer of soft sophistication, plus a mix of bold statement furniture such as the four poster bed, with softer wooden pieces to create a contemporary yet homely feel.

All finishings were a premium standard, utilizing our network of bespoke suppliers, and creating a high-end product.

Size: 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom

Services: Panelling, Furnishing

Time: 3 weeks

Budget: AED 67,000

Client testimonial:

“We just arrived. looks amazing, thank you for all the work!”

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