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Sky Garden, DIFC

Step into the epitome of sophistication with this exquisite duplex apartment nestled in one of the most coveted buildings in DIFC. At the heart of our client’s vision were curved shapes and arches. We transformed door frames and wall fixtures from conventional squares to elegant curved edges, delivering a visually striking and opulent end product. The task for this property was not only a renovation and furnishing project but it also serves as a stunning show home for the building.

What sets us apart is our commitment to crafting bespoke items for our clients, ensuring each property stands out not only from the last but also from everything else on the market. The custom-made bed, featuring a round headboard echoing the holiday home’s theme, and the thoughtfully designed dressing table with backlights exemplify this dedication to uniqueness. The bathrooms boast custom mirrors with backlights too.

We wrapped the full kitchen to include walls, cupboard doors and countertops, as well as the bathroom, internal doors, and even the handrail on the stairs. Our collaboration with Wrapped by AirDXB showcases a seamless blend of artistry and functionality with our expert Master Wrappers.

In a remarkable feat, this transformation, including new flooring throughout the property, was achieved in just four weeks. The result is a breathtaking residence that not only meets but surpasses our client’s desire for luxury and individuality.

Size: 1 bedroom

Services: Renovation, Furnishing, Wrapping, Flooring

Time: 4.5 weeks

Budget: AED85,000

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