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Vida Residence, Dubai Marina

Our client and local artist, Tales of Dubai, tasked us with furnishing their holiday home using their own artwork as the theme and inspiration. Interiors by AirDXB completed within a three-week timeframe successfully furnishing the unit with entirely “off the shelf” products, meeting the client’s brief for a perfect holiday home that aligned with their artistic vision.

Each room was carefully curated to showcase Tales of Dubai’s artwork, creating a cohesive gallery-like atmosphere. Employing a mixture of warm and cool tones echoing the artwork, simplicity and clean design style were the key aesthetic drivers for the project.

The Tales of Dubai interior design project is a celebration of the seamless integration of art and daily life. The transformed living space is now a canvas in its own right, telling the continuing story of the artwork throughout the space. This collaboration illustrates the potent ability of design to elevate and amplify the spirit of a home, turning a mere residence into a vibrant narrative—a true embodiment of the Tales of Dubai.

Size: 2 bedroom

Services: Furnishing

Time: 3 weeks

Budget: AED46,000

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